G&P Italiana - Pantalla di Todi

G&P Italiana has been a leading supplier of doors for over 20 years, offering interior doors, designer doors, hi-tech doors, security doors, fire doors, multifunction utility doors and sectional garage doors.

G&P Italiana also carries windows from some of the best brands in the industry, allowing you to choose from a comprehensive range that includes laminated wood windows, aluminium clad wood windows, vinyl (PVC) windows, and vinyl (PVC)-wood-aluminium windows, in addition to frames of all types. Also offered are made-to-measure movable walls, sliding partitions, wall systems, wall panelling systems and walk-in closets.
Superior quality, hi-tech service and the choice of many of the top brands on the market make G&P Italiana Srl the best partner for your residential, industrial and strutture hotel building construction projects.

The company's core business focuses on fine finishes for villas and country houses, as well as providing custom-made solutions for hospitality and religious buildings, auditoriums, convention centres, spas, spa-resorts and holiday farms.

In a market undergoing massive change, G&P Italiana’s commitment to quality, services with high added value and custom turnkey capabilities – with solutions for every need – have allowed the company to establish itself as a trusted point of contact between demand and supply.
Backed by an after-sales service network, it can help customers solve the most complex problems.

  • Korus
  • Sciuker Frames
  • Garofoli
  • Dierre
  • Campesato
  • Doorlife
  • Fael
  • Novoferm
  • Hormann
  • Sebino Chiusure